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Welcome to The Well Loved Life!

I’m Lyndi, a 20-something-year old creator of beautiful things and stater of many opinions living in the cold land of Wisconsin and working as a freelance graphic designer and wedding stationer. Before that, I worked for a leading medical software company. My job involved designing and testing software and helping to evaluate and test usability. This meant I spent a lot of time telling people how to create things, but very little time getting to create things myself. I filled that void by spending my free time making prints and invitations for everyone I knew. Thus a seed was planted that has now grown into this shop and blog you see here!

I’m a firm believer in living a life you love and that makes you feel well-loved… And I think that starts with creating a home that inspires and comforts and encourages everyone in it. It took me awhile to get here – I came out of college full of ambition, an obsessive need for perfection and a very black and white view of what success should look like. But after a few difficult years of battling chronic illness, I learned the importance of doing the things and being the person that nourishes your soul. I also learned that just getting by sometimes has to be good enough, and grace is a thing that everyone needs.

Speaking of grace…

Chronic illness left me unable to do any of the things I love and unable to be an even halfway pleasant person. I was miserable, unable to do anything that makes me me, and felt like I’d lost my identity. After years of trial and error, a lot of sick days and doctor’s visits, I found relief in the Paleo diet. (This is why you’ll also find a number of Paleo recipes and resources here). You can read all about my journey with chronic illness here, but to make a long story short, I finally understand the value of nutritious and fresh foods, gracious and patient people, and filling your life with things you love. (This is why a portion of every purchase will go to charities that help get fresh, healthy foods to families who wouldn’t otherwise have access.)

No matter who you are or what a well-loved life looks like to you, I hope you feel welcome here! There’s a lot of pressure to live a life that lines up with a certain ideal, whether that’s the pressure to live a simple and chaos-free life, or the pressure to live one full of adventure and activity. But we’re all different and that’s wonderful! Whether your well-loved life is full of quiet chats over coffee and evenings in, or lots of activities and nights on the town, or traveling the world, I’m glad you’re here! I hope you’ll find beautiful artwork that represents the life you love so well.

Not seeing that perfect thing you were hoping to find? Let me know! I’d love to hear about the things that would make you feel loved and inspired; and if I could help play a role in building the home that reflects that, I would be honored!

So take a look around!

I think you just might find something you love.