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Anna DeBoer Photography Logo & Website

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For Anna’s brand, we went with minimal design, neutral colors and clean lines. We wanted to make sure her photos would be the main focus on her website, so we kept the logo simple and modern and created a site layout that showcased her photography on every page. We did custom social icons to keep the look consistent across the page and pop-up lightbox photo galleries so all her images could be easily accessed from one place. Teal blue was the perfect accent color to incorporate with the black and white for several reasons:

1) Blue is a fairly neutral color that doesn’t draw strong emotions from people when they look at it – it’s natural and calming and speaks of trustworthiness and dependability; Anna’s work is very natural and highlights the pure human experience, so this was fitting.

2) Having rowed competitively, grown up in Michigan near the lakes, and spent time studying photography in Italy, Anna’s work is full of water. Her nature images are full of contrast and deep colors, and blue is one of the main colors that repeats throughout her work. Using blue in the design highlights this well.

3) When designing a photography website, it’s important to incorporate colors that will blend well with the colors in your photos. Unless your work is only black and white, then not just any color will work for this! Blue is one color that fits well with a lot of other colors.

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