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GsMade4U Branding

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GsMade4U is a local artisan here in the Madison, WI area who creates lovely, henna-inspired burned wood pieces and other handmade gifts. When G (the owner’s nickname) came to me, she already had an established vision for her brand that she wanted to keep, but needed a logo that would fit that.

I made a handful of logo variations – one that matched her description of how she envisioned her logo, and a few that pulled in other design elements to let her see some other options. Ultimately, she fell in love with the one that matched her original vision (for any business owners who are looking for logo design, you should definitely listen to your designer’s thoughts/input, but ultimately, you know your business – if you have a specific vision, you should definitely share that with your designer).

The green color is the color of fresh henna leaves – such a bright and fresh color! The leaf patterns in the variation designs are henna-style leaf designs to play off of that idea. The flowers in the final logo design are more traditional henna designs and match elements that G uses in her own wood burn artwork.

A week or two later, G came to me with another project in mind – helping her design product packaging that would bring her brand to life for her customers. I was really excited to help her out with this – creating one consistent brand goes so much further than your logo and helps to send your message to your customers, as well as show them you’re a legitimate and dependable company! We used elements from the logo to create one consistent story for all of the different packages she needed – two different sizes of inserts for the wooden frames she designs, a hang tag for her larger items, and a hanging package for her wooden spoons and utensils. We also created a simple label she could print off herself and put on any of her packages as needed in order to share her unique story as an artist with her customers.

Next, we started working on her website. GsMade4U already had a site live on the Strikingly platform, but it needed some polish and some consistency with the rest of the brand we had created. The Strikingly platform is a drag and drop website builder, but it doesn’t necessarily allow for a lot of control for the average user. To get around this, I created custom background images to use in the different sections, pulled in the custom social icons from her packaging, and added in some custom code to tweak some things that didn’t look great (I couldn’t believe the Strikingly platform didn’t allow you to customize the header color, but we were thankfully able to get around that with a little custom code!). The result is an elegant, easy-to-navigate one page website that pulls in the fun and polish GsMade4U was looking for and really showcases her gorgeous work!

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